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37 DB rough 1/2 ton box/tail gate FOR SALE


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One rough 1/2 ton 1937 DB box/tail gate.  The stake pockets could be removed and reused.  I will try to post pics Monday. Located in Central Iowa  50632

I am building a replica and this served for measurements etc. The original off the truck was in far worse condition. 

I am using a repop tailgate, tailgate hinges, end panel and restored stake pockets off the original box.

I formed the floor channels as original in each floor half with shop made tooling on a Pullmax P5 and and the side walls are included with each floor half as original. 

All the box sub rails are new as well. 

Thanks,      John









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Side walls straight. End panel rust out at bottom. Turn box upside down and jump on the floor to get it back close to flat. Tail gate rust out at bottom. 

Stake pockets restorable.  Rust pitting everywhere. Lower side panels damaged. 

Anyone interested? What is it worth to you? 

Thasnks,   John 




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