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Looking for correct fabric for my 41 Cabriolet


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After 77 years  of fun and sun ,  my  cabriolet seats are now in sad shape. This winter I am having the seat cushions redone ; 

hopefully in the original blue leather and broadcloth. Anyone know of a source for this?

Attached picture is from the early 90's

41linc (5).JPG

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I have used SMS for sidewall cloth on my 40 Merc and have a piece of original type nylon fabric for my 53 Lincoln, that the previous owner purchased from them to replace the seat cushion fabric where someone burned a hole with a cigarette. I will pass it on to the next owner as I do not want to destroy the originality of the car.


The quality of both pieces is just like the original, the service was good for the piece that I bought and the price was higher than other vendors that said they had the correct material.


I picked them, because they sent a couple of samples and had one that matched the sample on the original sample sheet from 1940. Others wanted me to send them a sample.


Lebaron Bonney  is another source. I would check with the upholsterer that you are going to use as he may have a source with the quality that you are looking for and that he is familiar with.


I thought that all of the convertibles in 1941 either had all leather or  whipcord and leather. I was surprised that you wanted broadcloth as it is not as durable as the leather or whipcord. Is your interior original or was it redone?

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