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Nothing exact, although Champagne Ivory is little darker than the colour on the car.


Champagne Ivory was Nash code P-23 and was used from 1950 to 1953.  Have attached a couple of scans of Nash paint charts.   Problems with these scans is that many are done with cameras instead of scanners, so you land up with darker images due to light problems, or, lack of light problems.  And monitors also present a problem due to colour settings.


If you are going to do searches for a particular paint colour it is best to use a paint manufacturer's code as many times names were used by more than one company to describe different shades of colours.   Some paint manufacturer codes for 1950-1953 Nash P-23, Champagne Ivory :

Ditzler -  80437

Acme  -  6783

Rinshed-Mason  -   50N71

Sherwin-Williams  -  43885  (lacquer)  -  33284  (enamel)

DuPont  -  246-81509  (lacquer)  -  93-81509  (enamel)




1950 Nash - Ditzler - 5014.jpg

1950 Nash - DuPont 1-2.jpg

1953 Nash - Rinshed- Mason - AD78- 4-53.jpg

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Day late and a dollar short but yes, your 1950 Rambler is Champagne Ivory.  I have seen other cars with the same color.   I have attached the Dupont color chart which gives a formula for mixing the color to the left of the chip with that name.  The chip color looks off but is just from fade and photo variance.



s-l1600 (54).jpg

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My suggestion is to go down to one of the car/truck dealers and look at their color charts for the past few years, and find the closest match as I did with the Studebaker 'Parchment White' on my truck.  Dodge truck 'Stone White' is almost a perfect match for the Parchment white, and the nice part is the handy touch-up brush-in-a-bottle it comes in, which can be kept either in the glove compartment, or in your cleaning equipment totebox.



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I would almost bet money that if you have the original formula mixed it will not match exactly. If gambling weren't a sin I would put a wager on it. Far better to have a local automotive paint distributor match what's on the car. The computer will get them close but for an exact match you need someone with experience matching colors by eye.

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