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Where to get pinion nut? 1937 Special

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1937 Buick Special 40

Im replacing my pinion bearings and the pinion nut chipped out where it was staked when I took it off. I need some help finding a replacement. The diameter of the threads on the shaft measures 1.150" and the threads inside the nut measure 1.000". And the thread pitch is 20. So I believe I'm looking for a 1-1/8x20 nut. Which I dont see at all on the internet so far. Anyone have any leads or know anyone to call? If theres no chance of replacement I'll just use some blue loctite on the original nut.


James C

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If 595904 is the part number for the nut you need, I have quite a few nos. Send me a pm if you are interested.




Looks like some may be nors, notice the shoulder is 90 on some and rounded on others. Let me know which matches yours.



pinion nut.jpg

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