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Craigslist scam or score??

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Dual carb set-up has been added, was only on `41&`42 years, looks to have 2 front carbs(carters)with parallel linkage, instead of the progressive linkage. Can`t see the exhaust.. Oil bath air cleaner is on backwards.  You can`t buy a dual carb set-up with manifolds/air cleaner for $700. And may have been converted to 12V with that resistor on the coil.

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15 hours ago, Smartin said:

I'd be on my way with a trailer if I was within an hour of that place.


Same here, even a little farther. Pricing looks like a delicate balance between market, work required, and how much siding you can buy for 700 bucks before winter.


Wouldn't expect a scam.

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there is another dual carb manifold in Bremerton listed on craigslist autoparts




1941 Buick dual carb. intake & exhaust manifold - $150 (Bremerton)

1941 Buick dual carburetor intake manifold with exhaust manifold. Fits 40 and 50 series Buicks. Needs restoration.
$150.00 cash.





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