1947 Pontiac Torpedo window garnish molding/ piping?

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Hi again, all

I've managed to trip over yet another part where I don't know what to search for, so have no idea whether this part is hard to come by or not.  


Backstory: I've rewired my '47 Torpedo from tip to tail with a (very excellent) wiring harness from Rhode Island wiring.


To do that I had to pull the dash, headliner and many other ancillary parts, including the absolutely shredded windlace and other cloth components - all of it was torn, nasty and needs repair/ replacement.


While I had it apart, I decided to paint the window garnish moldings since they were all surface rusted and grubby.  In prepping them for paint, I had to remove (gently!!) the stainless strips that run under the glass, the window felting (that was a term that i'd never heard of, and what a right pain in the backside to figure out!), and the subject of this post:

There's a flexible bit of fabric piping that goes around the upper parts of the window garnish, that is sewn to a fiberboard strip that is tucked into the window trim.  It's the consistency of a light paper, heavier than construction paper, about the same as a thin cracker/ cereal box.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what that stuff is called! 


Can one of you point me in the right direction please?  I'd be ever so grateful!

Thanks very much,



Edit: I added a photo of the trim below.


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