Park Pawl Repair 50' w/Dynaflow

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Other than Park basically not holding, Dynaflow is working fine.  Plan on bringing it into shop this fall to service rear axle leaks, and since will be pulled apart, will have them check torque tube for leaks.  Again, as all of this going to be apart, want to get Park working again.  I've tried adjusting shift linkage already, so it's got to be internal.  Does the whole rear bearing retainer at tail end of tranny need to be removed for access to Park Pawl and it's levers, rods, spring, etc., or is there enough access with torque ball and u-joint removed?  Manuals don't really give a clear run-down on that.  Dynaflow Drive Manual shows all the Park stuff being rebuilt with Rear Bearing Retainer off.  Shop Manual kinda skins over it.  Looks like removing Rear Bearing Retainer requires some other internals get pulled apart in addition to requiring supporting transmission since retainer has thrust plate and support pad installed on it and removing transmission oil pan...

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55 shop manual says........." removal of rear bearing retainer and parking lock ratchet wheel.........only the torque ball and universal joint and oil pan need be removed"......... I'm guessing 1950 may be different but it's worth checking out............bob

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