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Removing Storage Compartment Pockets and Quarter Windows

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I would like to give credit to REAPER1 for his input to this task.


 Many of us have problems with our quarter windows, the scrapers on that window and the sagging pockets in the storage area but the ‘Service Manuals’ have no directions as to how to get to these items for repair.  Well here are the directions on accessing these parts.  These are problems I have experienced on one or more of my TC’s.

Necessary tools are 8MM deep well socket, Phillip’s screw driver, 18MM box end, 10MM socket and 11MM box end wrench.   Access to the tonneau well will be necessary to complete any of these tasks.  Also remember that these cars were handmade, and they may not all be identical.  If you wish color pictures and more pictures than are provided in this tread, contact me via PM and I will return to you larger and color pictures which will be more helpful

What might be the hardest part of this task is locating the replacement parts needed.  Once the replacement parts are located you are ready to get started.

The hard top is going to have to be removed.  If only one side of the TC has the problem the other side of the car does not have to have parts removed.  Open the door of the problem side of the car and remove the door striker and remove it with the 18MM box end.  Next on the stainless-steel sill plate remove the back most Phillip’s screw, may be hidden under the weather stripping.  Now remove the four Phillip’s screw that are hidden behind the weather stripping on what can be called the B-pillar.  This will now allow the stainless-steel cover to be removed.  This will reveal a strip of tape that covers two holes in the B-pillar and remove the tape.  Behind the tape are two nuts (10MM socket) that need to be removed.  Next in the tonneau well there is a third nut to remove to release the trim piece that the storage pocket is attached to.  Depending on the size of your tools you may be able to remove the third nut from the storage compartment pocket trim piece without lifting the soft top out of the well (this does not mean removing the soft top just putting it up).   This trim piece can now be removed.  If this is the only problem you are correcting, you can skip down to the “Pocket Repair” paragraph.  If you are removing this part on the driver side on the car you will have to slip the two switches through the opening in the trim piece, but you don’t need to disconnect the switches.  See Picture A for the location of the nuts and bolts on the back side of this trim piece.

Now if the quarter window or the quarter window scraper is being replaced you need to continue with the following work.  Next the seat belt cover needs to be removed.  There is a Phillip’s screw at the top of the B-pillar post where the seat belt cover meets it.  This screw was revealed when the pocket storage trim panel was removed.  See Picture B for the location of the points the seat belt cover is attached.  The green arrow in the picture indicated the Phillip’s screw location that we just removed.  Now there are three 8MM nuts to remove.  These nuts are kind of hidden and one of them is even upside down.  Be careful so as not to drop the nuts down into the well.  There is also a washer behind the three nuts.  Now we can remove the quarter window inside support.  There are two 8MM nuts that hold the support in place.  Again, be careful as the support likes to drop down into the well when both nuts are removed.  Remove one nut and then when removing the second nut hold the support so that it does not drop down into the well.  See Picture C to see the location of this support.  We need to remove this support so that the window has a small amount of mobility.  The quarter window scraper is attached by two Phillip’s screws and access to these screws requires that the quarter window be in the down position.  Again, be careful not to drop them into the well.  You now have a little more mobility in the window.  We have now removed enough parts to replace the window scraper.  If replacement of the quarter window scraper was the object of your effort, it can be replaced, and the car can be put back together in the reverse order that we took it apart. 

If the quarter window needs to be replaced you need to raise the window so that the two nuts can be removed.  Access to the nuts is now just below the top of the car body. Using a 11 MM box end wrench you can remove the two nuts.  There is a bolt that retains the quarter window and to access that bolt you will need to lower the window about three inches with a 10MM socket.  Picture D show the location of where the bolt is to be accessed.  Once again be careful not to drop the nuts and bolt into the well.  You have now removed everything necessary.  Following is the replacement of the quarter window.

Quarter Window – all 3 contact points of the window move together when the window motor is moved.  The window can be removed.  The bolts where the two nuts were removed from are through a hole in the body and the window must be leaned so that the two bolts come out of the holes in the body to remove the window.  Even if the quarter window scraper is not being replaced it must be removed to have the freedom of movement of the window.

At this point everything is removed that needs to be removed.  Now it is replacement and re-assembly of your TC.  When reconnecting the two nuts on the quarter window be careful not to over tighten them as you don’ t want to damage the glass.

Pocket Repair – With the trim piece off containing the storage pocket you can remove the pocket.  Using Picture E there are four red arrows indicating nuts that must be removed.  The leather at the bottom of the pocket and on the back side of this trim piece must be removed from the trim piece (see the area between the two green arrows in Picture E).  There is a metal bar in each end of the pocket.  These bars can be removed. The top portion of the pocket needs to have the elastic replaced.  I will assume that you will need to take the leather pocket to an alteration or shoe repair shop and the heavy-duty elastic replaced.  At this point you are finished and can reverse the procedures to put your TC back together.

Good Luck with your work.



Picture A.jpg

Picture B.jpg

Picture C.jpg

Picture D.jpg

Picture E.jpg

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