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Parts car

Charlie B.

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Caught my eye also. I think price is fair.

Think that this is one of Tom Payette's cars. Not certain but believe he is owner of or connected with a Jaguar dealership in Louisville KY. He posts here from time to time, seems to be reasonable type.

Previously listed a $6,000 with no takers.

Photos look good. He has not spent a lot of money detailing the car. If this was April I think it would be sold several times over.

What does resident expert JJ think?

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I also saw the listing, and also wondered why he considered it a parts car. Does he know something we don't? I'm out of storage space right now, so am not bidding on any convertibles. (Although there's a good-looking silver job on eBay with no reserve; may change my mind.) Current obsession: looking for a low-dollar Jeep (with automatic) for my granddaughter's 16th birthday.


P.S. Anyone seen the new 2003 Volvo CX90 SUV? Looks/sounds awfully good; after three Range Rovers, we're ready for a change.

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