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F/S 1900-05 aircooled 3 HP engine. Motorcycle? Hershey delivery. $1,700. See photos.

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Superb and rare circa 1900-1905 approx. 3 HP aircooled engine

Power any early vehicle

Possibly made by the Lowell Company of Lowell, Mass.who made and sold loose engines

Similar to De Dion Bouton, Aster, Crest, Thomas, etc. About the size of an Orient motorcycle engine.

Atmospheric inlet valve. Superb and complete minus the timer and exhaust cam. No makers marks anywhere. Paid $1,900 for it. Sacrifice $1,700

Ship for costs or free Hershey delivery. More photos by email, just ask





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Sold engine to Ron Foss or Ontario in 2019. He is using the engine to power a period correct tribute automobile called a Fossmobile. Built by his grandfather in 1896-97 in Ontario. Google Fossmobile for info. Car is mostly completed. Cheers,George Albright

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