Raymond Berger

1935 Roadmaster Travel/Ruble trunk

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My aging Pop has lovingly reconditioned a rear travel/rumble trunk from a 1935 Buick that he’s had in dry storage for decades - he’s nearly 90 now, and would like to have a collector take it off his hands. Beautiful condition, no rust, all trim & chrome spotless. I  am his son, new to this forum; would like to post photos if possible, but not sure how. 360-420-8678; raymondberger77@gmail.com

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5 minutes ago, Raymond Berger said:

Sorry, “Rumble” trunk..,

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Sorry, gang, this road box is actually from a <1931> Buick...

( not a 35 )


Anyway, I’m going to try and attach some photos here with several views, as well as a couple pictures that my dad gave me of the actual car that this came off of… 


Please email me if you’re interested; Pop would like to see it go to someone who will genuinely appreciate it &  have a good  use for it. 





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