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Is this a real Henry '32 grille shell?

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Not 100 percent sure,  But I believe it's original,  I don't remember the little bumps at the top corners covered by the lacing on my repro shell.  however with a good chunk of the lower section cut off and no insert,  not incredibly valuable.  I would guesstimate 100 bucks or so.   You would have a real rough time finding an original bottom nice enough to graft it to that wasn't already attached to a good shell. 

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It's been widened and filled.  Work is ridiculously poor, not recent, but who knows how old. 

I'd sure like to see some photos of the back of the real deal, since I have one opinion yes and on another site two opinions that it's not even Ford.  

I didn't pay much for it and don't expect it to be worth a hell of a lot - 



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I agree, that's what makes it questionable to me.  

I even edited a picture to take the width out and it looks spot on.  The underneath, if you cut that ugly patch out and put it back to the width it came, the radiator cap hole would be perfectly round. 


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Several great pics in these 2 threads.

I am not a Deuce expert, but I don't recall ever seeing the multiple indentations along the perimeter on an original Ford shell.






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