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Use the cars to keep kids interested. OCF


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I took some photos of children and cars at the Old Car Festival ( OCF ) to prove if you get kids into and driving your old cars they will stay involved.


The first photo is at a High School we stopped at during the Lansing to Dearborn Endurance Run, the car is an '08 Northern.


The second is a young lady driving her grandfather's Columbus at the OCF.


The third is not a kid but the fellow on the right is attending his 62nd OCF in a row with his dad's 1920 Overland, pretty good investment, 62 years and just two payments remaining.


Finally mom taking her daughter of a drive in her Hupmobile.


There were hundreds of photo opportunities of children dressing in period costumes and enjoying the antique car hobby.  Long live the OCF.  Regards, Gary






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