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34 Cherolet VIN issue

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I have a 34 Chevrolet Master 5 wdo street rod that came to live w/me in 95. I had been familiar w/the car as a street rod since late 70s/early80s. It came w/title and given history, I didn't concern myself w/the number listed on title until I was able to admit to myself that I am old enough to worry about such things. (72) The number on title 6XXXXX doesn't seem to relate to anything that should have been used, w/the possible exception of a Canadian serial number. With 40 years as a car dealer in Texas, that is not even a little surprising, but now concerning. I purchased a repo floor tag w/ the existing number stamped. I am seeking suggestions on how to simplify things for my future widow as I don't intend to sell  as long as I can get in&out and drive. For those that don't know, the floor tag was nailed to floor by right side of seat. Or at least that is what my research has turned up, not a very good idea for longevity, but in those days I doubt anyone thought about it still being around 80+years later.

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yes the Serial Plate was on the passenger floor, as it was on my 1929, that was the Number of the vehicle off the production line for that factory in that year, numbers started at 1001. 


my understanding is IF you do not have the original tag, no real way to know the TRUE serial number. you could guess if you knew the numbers off the original engine, transmission and such to get a rough production date.


1925-39 Serial Plate Info

1924 Model Info


just had a repro serial plate made for my 1929, but i do have the original one ;)


Hope this helps

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When the California Highway Patrol inspected my 31 they were not impressed with the nailed on PA serial tag but I showed them a plate that the previous owner had riveted to the frame with the same number. They passed it with no problems.



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13 minutes ago, mercer09 said:

if you have a good title, why worry?

I believe the OP's concern is that there are no numbers on the car that match the title he has. Almost all auctions now do a VIN check when a car is consigned. They are mainly looking to see that whatever number is on the cars tag matches what's on the title. Some states also do a physical check of numbers when a car is being registered, particularly on cars coming from another state. Whenever I buy a car, my first action ( before handing over any funds) is to ensure that the VIN or serial number ( whatever is used on that particular vehicle) exactly matches what is on the title. If not, no deal. Perhaps a repo type tag riveted on the car will suffice, when combined with the existing title and his long ownership. Certainly better than having nothing on the car that matches the title.

The OP stated that he has already enjoyed the car for many years, but is trying to ensure that his wife does not have problems selling it after his demise. I think he has reason for concern/worry about this, and is to be commended for trying to ensure that his toy does not become a burden for his wife.

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Penske, he already has the repro tag and stamped.


mount it and forget about it!



only other option, buy the "correct" year title and start over, which in my opinion is silly.


when we have nothing to worry about, we always find something to worry about. I call it the Brady Bunch syndrome. Maybe Im being trite, but I think there are more important things to worry about then an episode of Marshas hang nail............

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