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Wanted 1931 chrysler CG front dust cap

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14 minutes ago, Taylormade said:

I didn’t know that was what Chrysler used for a grease cap.  My 32 Dodge Brothers has the typical rounded threaded cap.  That looks more like and old wood wheel hubcap.

Pretty certain Taylomade is correct. They should look like this one from my 1931 DB....the tool in the tool kit should fit it....

Picture 27527.jpg

Picture 27528.jpg


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Hi all,

If Taylormade is right, am I looking for 2 caps ?

The round one screws on just fine.

Or did dodge and Chrysler Imperial's use different caps ?

Due to different hubs or bearing diameters ?


Keiser, I see yours has a 5 "stud" brake drum, whereas mine is a 6 "bolt" drum.



I still have a lot to learn about our new (to us) baby.


Mike in Colorado

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Measuring the hub, I get 2 3/4" diameter, and a very fine thread.

The cap that Keiser 31 shows looks to be somewhat smaller and his brake drum appears quite a bit smaller and it has studs.

My brake drum does not have the "taper" in it and it takes wheel bolts.

Also my hub appears to be considerably larger.

Maybe the Imperials used bigger brakes than the DB's

I know my front springs are considerably larger than his pictures show.


Mike in Colorado

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  I mistakenly said the cap that Keiser pictured was correct for your Imperial. It is the right style dustcap, but the Imperials were larger. Nothing from any other Chrysler or Dodge will fit your Imperial axle. The drums, brake shoes, etc. were all larger. I believe a cap would work from a '32 CL or CH Imperial also. I have not had a chance to see if I have any yet to sell. I will try to see in the next couple of weeks. My spare axle is a CH.

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Greg, Jay,

Thanks for looking.

I have a hunch the one shown in my bottom picture is correct as it may well fit the wrench shown in Keiser's post.

Mine is definitely a "deep drawn" aluminum part. Boy would I like to see the die set they used to make these.

I do have access to a very good machine shop, so if needs be, we could replicate these from billet aluminum.

Aren't may imperials out there, so getting a look at one may have to wait till the AACA national meet in Ocala, Fla. in February .

I'll see if someone will pop a hub cap so I can take a picture.


Mike in frozen Colorado

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