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Check out this shot - singe mag on 1906 car firing 2 plugs per cyl.


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I have to state from the start that I've got no experience running a 2-spark engine. I do know that there were spark plugs made to run in series so that they provided a simultaneous spark to two plugs in series. Lodge were probably the best know, Su-Dig and Bosch Germany made them as well, and I'm sure there were others. I think the idea was that they would both fire together, however, I remember reading --somewhere-- that running two plugs in series wasn't as desirable as having two separate spark sources (2 Spark magneto or 2 distributors), possibly because the spark wasn't as strong in both plugs, or because of an uneven spark quality between the two? These dual sparkplugs died out around WW1. I haven't come across anyone nowadays of running two plugs in series. There are a few 2 Spark magneto engines running, but no single-spark-magneto-2-plug engines that I can find.







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