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1942 Plymouth Parts

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Asking $1,000 for the parts listed below.  Happy to send pictures to those with a serious interest.  Most of these parts are for 1942 Plymouth coupe but there are a few mystery parts that might go on sedans or the 1946-48 cars.  These are in Portland, Oregon.  I can help with shipping via Fastenal or other service but I might need to charge a bit extra for that, depending on how much work it is.  I will consider offers for individual parts but prefer to sell everything.  Please PM if interested.  Thx.


Original shop manual

Original parts book

1942 Plymouth Parts - Box 1

1. Sealed power piston ring set, complete; 589 X .030; Plymouth-Dodge, 1942-48 3 1/4

2. Set of six valves; 1 and 7/16; "INL" stamped on top; four still in wax paper wrapper (see valve springs below)

3. Used distributor cap


5. clutch release bearing

6. Nice exterior door handle (what side?  see note below re part numbers)

7. Degraded window crank; on back says DD over CD 4591/A 2 (more window cranks below)

7b. 12" spring

8. master cylinder boot, secondary cup, piston

9. 4 window crank escutcheons in varying condition; one slightly different than other three

10. 2 back up (front parking?) lights lenses?  "EPH" on front

11. two stainless bezels to match back up light lenses

12. two stainless bezels that don't seem to match back up lenses, but very close; poor condition

End of Box 1.

Box 2

1. 6.5" spring; picture also shows brake return spring from Traveler

2. pair of front parking light sockets with wires; pretty crusty

3. antenna cable?

4. fan pulley hub and water pump shaft front bushing (oilite)

5. clutch housing ventilator

6. angled metal bracket (Clutch release fork pull-back spring bracket)

7. coil to distributor for coil with threaded tower


9. axle driveshaft bearing oil seal (outside)

10. clip-on exterior rear-view mirror

11. master cylinder return spring in box

Box 3 (Korean Pear Box)

1. Small box of lenses: two red taillight lenses w/o five round protrusions, one red taillight with five round protusions, red lense for trunk lid handle: all used but in good shape.  Three front clear parking right lenses, one left (#938967-1), two right (#938966-1): all NOS in original boxes. (more stop and tail light lenses below)

2. One red taillight lense with five round protrusions, NOS in original box, part # 938954-1. (more stop and tail light lenses below)

3. Bag with set of front clear parking lenses and bezels.  Looks like NOS, has nice original red paint.

4. Hood ornament with plastic, pitted metal, plastic has wear but in good shape; plastic similar to one on car but metal in worse shape. (another one below)

Box 4 (Engine Stand Box)


2. Right and left middle portions of grill.  Looks NOS but not perfect.  Shows age.


Box 5 (Long Tree Shipping Box)

1. 4 "belt moldings."  None of these are on my car, but could go on the rear fender.  However, one is labeled "'42 left quarter panel molding - 4.dr.; #944375."  That one is NOS and in really good shape.  That part number is for the left quarter panel molding on the 4 dr sedan.  One is ratty and battered.  Two others are used and a bit rough and one has some clips.  There are very minor variations in these parts which could be explained by the change part way through the year. Not sure how to tell if left or right.

2. 2 front fender belt moldings.  One NOS; one used and a bit rough.   I can't tell the difference, if there is one, between left and right. #972755 (left)

3. 1 37" belt type molding with one end flat and one end tapered, like for the passenger side of the hood, but quite a bit shorter than on mine.  Good shape, looks like NOS.

Box 6 (Bench Grinder Box)

1. 3 NOS or original hose clamps; 2 are 2" diameter and 1 is 2.25" diameter.

2. 1 grill center section assembly, NOS, #951911

3. left (driver side) parking light lense and bezel - nice shape.

4. glove box door with trim and lock, but lock is slightly different than mine (I think this is from a 1946-48)

5. heat shield and mounting hardware

Box 7 (Jack Stand Box)

1. three hub caps (need to revise - hubcaps on car now)

Brown Box in Cabinet:

1. Hood ornament with plastic insert; great shape-probably better than one on car. (another above)

2. NOS stop and tail light lens without 5 dots - red - Lynx Eye  (more above)

3. Stem for driver side rear view mirror

4. Used stop and tail light lens with bezel; used but great shape, says "Plymouth Sedan" but looks identical to that on car; has 5 dots; red (more above)

5. Used stop and tail light lens; serviceable; red, says "Plymouth Coupe left" on back but looks identical to last item; 5 dots (more above)

6. Three window regulator handles; like the one on the driver door; varying shape with one pretty good, but none quite as good as driver one (another above)

7. Exterior door handle; fantastic shape; seems to work for either side of car, but part numbers are different for the two sides; left is 951 416 and right is 951 415 (another above)

8. Trunk handle/lock/light assembly; not great, but looks a little better than one on car

9. Twelve (new?) valve springs - Thompson Products - VS304 (see valves above)

Inversion IPA Box;

1. Two passenger side headlight rings; 1 crappy; 1 not great but better than one one removed from car

2. driver side headlight ring; very crappy; worse than one removed from car (more rings above); 946947; mounting screws: 188764: screw, binding head, cross recess; No. 8 (diameter), threads=32 NC, 1", steel, plain

3. Two headlights and inner trim rings; not great but not split like one on passenger side of car

4. Set of headlight rings removed from car.

5. Extra hubcap; pretty rough but probably can be cleaned up

Other Parts:

Carpet Tube: two lower rocker panel moldings; driver side is gorgeous NOS; passenger side is salvageable, but not nearly as nice.

Front bumper (in garage loft).  Better than existing but not NOS.

Parts from parts car purchased from Alex:

Doors with hardware.  One good window.  No vent window parts.  

Rear fenders.  Pretty rough, but probably salvageable.  

Front floor pan.  Pretty rough - similar to existing one.  In loft with skis.

Front fender splash pan (up top, between bumper and grill).  Good shape.  

Air scoop.  Much better than existing one.  Attached to front fender splash pan.

Two vertical pieces that connect scoop to fenders.  Good shape.

Hood.  Nice shape but not perfect.  Has dent in very front.  In room off living room.

Front fenders, each with lower molding still attached.  Passenger side molding not so hot.  In room off living room.

Trunk lid and attached parts.  Better than mine, but still not so hot.  In room off living room.

Three lower rocker moldings.  Put one passenger side in carpet tube noted above (swapped out one that was in there).  Remaining three are on high shelf in back of garage.  Two driver and one passenger.  All need work with passenger in the worst shape.

Door striker plates and screws.

Door close detection switch from passenger side.

Keeper to prevent window rolling down too far.  Driver rear window.  (Last 3 in box 6.)

Rear glass, channel, regulator assemblies.  Passenger side regulator has broken spring and has a broken off screw in it.  Driver side spring is about to break.  On back work bench.

Grill center section stainless and backing sheet metal, along with radiator lower cross bar (949151)


2 door
3 rear fender
2 right side hood
1 left side hood
1 left rear quarter - 59 5/8"
1 right rear quarter - 59 5/8"
3 front fender - not sure of side
1 center hood
1 mystery molding


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