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How to remove totque tube?

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Gdmn852,   With the stock 49 rear end you can get a better rear ratio.  You have a ‘removable’ torque tube.   You can get a later dynaflo ratio and make your car decent enough to run on the highway.   BTW,  I am a VERY BIG FAN of NOT running my straight 8 engines over 3000 rpm for anything except passing of a slow car.   You can change the third member to something like a 3.6 (standard tranny ratio).   I think you can use a 3.41 ratio from a dynaflo rear.  (‘54’ rear).   Makes your car good on the highway.   With dynaflo tranny, you can use the lower ratio’s and still accelerate nicely.  No one knows as the up grades are hidden.   Since you have a post war Buick, they make a disc brake mod.   That will give you fade free heavy stopping so you don’t bend any sheet metal.   If nothing else, you can just bolt in - 2-1/4” wide front brakes (later - around early 50’s) for great stopping.   As you know, your car does a greater degree of stopping with the front brakes.   The rear’s just come along to keep the back end from locking up and making neat tire tracks on the street.  I am a BIG fan of good brakes on our old cars.  My world of +million people, plus way to many tourist who have no idea where they are going and the rest are to old - - 

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Hello going to change out the whole differential carrier with another,have the rear end out of car ,pinion bearings feel rough when turning drive shaft going to take it apart just to check it out once I get the other one in.

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