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Exterior Lightbulb Replacements

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Would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to get inside the rear high-mounted brakelight assembly to change the bulb. Also, like anonymous' posting of 09-18, I am having trouble as well getting my hands inside the rear lower body panels to replace the small rear side-marker lights (there really HAS to be an easier way, as squeezing ANY size hand in there is basically impossible)! Finally, I replaced the front parking/turn indicator bulbs, only to find out that the BULB #/MODEL LISTED IN THE OWNER'S MANUAL IS WRONG!!! The replacement bulbs I purchased (same part # listed in owner's manual AND Sylvania OEM book) have two "nibs" on opposite sides of the base, ONE OF WHICH IS HIGHER THAN THE OTHER. However, ALL FOUR receptacles use bulbs where BOTH "NIBS" ARE AT THE SAME HEIGHT! Anyway, if anyone also knows the CORRECT replacement bulb # for the front parking/turn signal lamps, again I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello Seattle,

If you are talking about the "third" stoplight, the one on the trunk, I did repair one on an 89 TC. There are two small phillips head screws that go up from the bottom. If I remember correctly I had to remove the weather stripping under the trim to get to them. Then the assembly came off. It was not a bulb problem, the bracket holds a number of small bulbs. The rivit that connected one of the leads was loose as the plastic had distorted due to heat. I was able to drill out the rivit and substitute a small brass screw and bolt to reconnect the lead. I hope this helps.


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