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For Sale 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43


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Up for your consideration is my ex Thomas Lester Car. A 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 43 Phaeton, with accesory dual windshield. Asking $115,000.00 USD. This car was just entered into our local concours and won best in class {CCCA full Classics} and Best of Show overall. The car was restored and painted by Dale Adams in the early 80's. Engine built by Thomas Lester himself. Perfect side curtains. A wonderful tour car.  Pm For Details and Pictures.






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Hi @Billorn, I had posted this car for sale back in april on the main forum buy and sell. So it may be this car you are rembering. Tom Lester was a very well known engine builder that when he was done had a motor that ran smother and put out more power than when the factory Built them. This particular car has held up extremly well as is evident when you view it and drive it.



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2 hours ago, trimacar said:

I love this car.  $100 a month for life?  I know, I know, whose life....


Same series as yours?

We recall riding in yours one cool evening ,

after a Mardi Gras parade?

Still among our favorites,

and with provenance.


$105,000 at $100/month?

Hey, David,

that is ONLY ANOTHER 87.5 years,

and I'm already beyond my 78th anniversary of my natal day-

so it would be paid in full before I'm 166?


Don't need to order a Jeroboam,

try for a Methuselah of my favorite spirits

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Yes, Marty, same model, different colors!  So, I guess $200 a month gets it to 40 years?


I don’t need two, obviously, but that’s a great car.  I had Tom Lester do two engines for me, long ago, fabulous work and the engines were smooth as silk.  Both Pierce Arrow engines, eight cylinder, 1934 and 1935.


The driver door was ajar in this picture, the fit is better than shown!


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We had similar nomenclature in Western Mass........we called it Holmanizing...........and it's also where we got out shop motto......."drive it like you stole it!"  Lots of good lessons from that garage.

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3 hours ago, John_Mereness said:

We all use to call this "tomlesterizing" and people who bought his cars LOVED then for this as they were restored to tour with/drive. 

Never heard the term but understand.  Funny how it’s a small world I car collecting.  Early 1980’s, sent an engine to Lester, he called me. “ What kind of rebuild do you want?  Occasional touring or drive hard across country?” (Think a great Race).  No, just casual touring, but what’s the difference?  Well, $500 a hole (cylinder) casual, $1500 a hole serious running.


I went with the casual, which was a superb rebuild, but not a lot of serious upgrades, such as inserts and balancing and pixie dust.


Best running engine I ever started.  Well, both of them he did for me.

Second engine, he quoted twice the first engine, and I called him, just wanting to understand. He got upset, and stated “I’m tired of doing Cadillac work for Chevrolet prices”, saying he’d do the second engine but he wanted to get out of the rebuild business, and that was that.  I don’t know when he quit doing outside engines.


Later, in a twist of fate, had a chance to buy the Pierce 4 motorcycle that had come out of his collection, at a fraction of what its worth today.  Had the money, but procrastinated. It was the centerpiece of his motorcycle collection, it’s a good story for those who know it.  I hesitated, silly me.  I repeat, silly, silly me. Really silly.  And, it had a spare engine, complete.  Shucks...

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