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Removing rust from steel truck cab

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That appeared to be molasses dripping from the green drum. Unrefined sugar.


It  seemed to do an acceptable job on the surface rust. I was under the impression that the active ingredient in molasses was an acid, but apparently not, according to the narrator. I'm currently using a citric acid bath, which is working well for smaller components. 

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They are trying to tell us that it is some kind of secret sugar solution. But it is the old molasses trick.

Unfortunately it doesn't take off paint and if there is any grease spots the 'solution' wont touch the metal.

This particular body looks pretty rough and will need much attention on the dents and the remaining paint.

If it were me I would have had a real dip done and gotten it clean.

Had this sample body had any more paint the video would not have been as impressive.

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I just tried their web site. It appears to have been hijacked. vintagerustremoval.biz works though.


I am surprised there is no scum of floating winged insects on the surface of the molasses. The shop must be full of them if they leave it uncovered!


I have tried this, caustic soda for paint and oil removal and electrolytic rust removal. Certainly, molasses requires the least resources and is far safer than fiddling with caustic soda or other acid baths. It is also cheaper than proprietary products, although it might take longer. It works in the same way though: by chelation of the rust atoms.

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