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The Premier Pre-War Event is This Coming Weekend

Stude Light

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Well, actually a pre-1933 automobile event.  I speak of the Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan taking place September 8-9.



A driving Car Show in an historic setting. Car shows are okay but they are often like an outdoor museum with a bunch of static displays.  At the OCF most of the cars get driven around the campus so not only do you get to see them, talk with the owners but you get to hear them run and see them drive.  Stick your thumb out and more often than not you'll catch a ride.  Lots of interesting activities. It is really a fun and worthwhile event.


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Having read some controversy last year about changes to this event I had removed it from my bucket list. It appears the Pantasote roof didn't collapse after all and it is still a great event and now on the list for 2019. I'm a mere 54 yrs. of age but that is my preferred era of automobiles. Excellent !

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I had not made it to this event in several years but when all the tours in my area scheduled for the weekend got rained out.... and the forecast looked great for Dearborn... my father and I made the trip. What a great event!  I need to put it back on the schedule and bring a car next year. 


As a bonus, I am now sitting in the lobby of the Henry Ford Museum waiting for them to let me in!

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Best event of the year anywhere if you can handle over 1000 pre-1932 cars, and lots of enjoyable driving and festivities!!!  Great to see Electric cars and steamers actually cruising.  Here are a couple pics from this year (1st dark and cold one I have attended).  


Unfortunately, the 'Coppers' nabbed me as I was trying to knock off the Wright Brothers shop and 'confisamagated' my Pontiac to give to their 'CHIEF'.  Dirty rats!!!





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