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Gray and Davis Large Brass Headlights


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Selling very nice Gray and Davis brass/ nickel plated headlights. These lights are in very good unrestored condition , no age cracks or dents. The  lights measure 12 inches across the rims and  10.5 inches of glass. The reflectors are in wonderful condition! They will need to be polished only .

The hinges and clasps are all complete and in very good condition. There are no lenses... Use what you like. Immediate shipping or free delivery to Hershey! Priced fairly at $500.00 (the nickel plating that is NOT needed would cost this) . Mike West 100 West ave . Livonia NY 14487 585 738 1541



brass parts 001.JPG

brass parts 002.JPG

brass parts 003.JPG

brass parts 004.JPG

brass parts 005.JPG

brass parts 006.JPG

brass parts 007.JPG

brass parts 008.JPG

brass parts 009.JPG




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