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Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr


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Would like to show you a Danish Coachbuild 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 


Here is a little story on the car


The original owner of the Lincoln Poul Haakan Stoustrup, wanted a ’39 Lincoln Convertible really bad, but only 640 of those were built. Poul Lived in Denmark and WWII had just started, so there was no way Poul could get his hands on an original converible. Instead he was able to get a 4-door sedan which he took to the Dansk Karosseri Fabrik with the question if they could turn it in a two door convertible with two part soft top. They sure could, and work on the car started right away. In the process of turning the 4-door sedan into a two door convertible the windshield was chopped a little to make it look more in proportion with the rest of the car.

The shop much have had a lot of work on the body reshaping the trunk section and doors. Since the car was build during the early stages of WWII it is assumed that no other body parts, as in longer doors and trunk were used on the car. Everything was hand shaped. The shop also created a two part soft top to fit the lower windshield around 1,5 inches. The car was finished in early 1940, but as far as Palle has found out the car was not on the road until after the war in 1946. The first Danisco Customs stamp on the paperwork shows that the car was built from a 4-door, and coachbuilt into a two door convertible and registered as such in April 1946.


Never restored only a repaint in the 70s 








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Very smart! nice side profile, especially the lower curved  rear top.
Well done from a 4 door sedan, a lot of work in the rear panels! 
I have a early 38 two door convertible, # 166 Lincoln Zephyr factory built,  its a short top model,  no back seat,, 3 passenger, 1 of 220 odd built. 
The  later 38  " Club"  Convertible  with back seat has the 11 inches longer top.  
I may have to chop  the top  after seeing  Pouls  39. No just kidding!
Who owns it now?

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I followed the build to the stage where you did the rear fenders longer, but then I kind of disappeared from HAMB, and totally forgot about your car, but it really really ended up nice, not for the fainthearted original minded  :-), but everybody can see this is real craftsmanship, wow I love it

Do you still have the coupe too ?

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18 hours ago, zephyrdave said:

My 38 looks somewhat similar to the Stoustrup Lincoln, although I made it from a coupe. Sorry about cutting up a coupe.



Great-looking car, love the colors. Does the top go down? I always see customs with chopped tops and fake convertible tops that dont go down, essentially to turn a coupe......into a coupe.

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Thanks.   The twin lake pipes are  " true not false", have removable caps.   Nice touch I thought, fills in the gap,  brings  the height  down, sort of.
  Don"t  think " tow bars"  were available x factory, may be from dealers. I swapped that hitch over from my 38 sedan when I sold it 8 years ago.  I had it built in amongst the twin exhaust system,  " twin mufflers across rear".  

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Yes, good observation.
Different set of tires too! and the wheels are poppy red now, Did you notice that!!?
  Photo taken with a real camera, at the turn of the century.  Jan. 2000.  Other two  pics 2 or 3 years ago.
I bought LZC  over the phone, no photos, no internet,   out of Phoenix Arizona  in Jan. 1996, put  those tires on  and had a new top  fitted. Done around 24000  miles since. The cars very original, never had a full pull down restoration, repainted in the 70s. I have been thru. the mechanics over the years. speedo had 620 miles when I got it.  

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