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"Gray & Davis" generator

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I have an early Gray & Davis Type G Generator (Dynamo) that, unfortunately, I have been

unable to find the application (year and make) that used this generator.  Anybody have an

idea as to which marque used this generator?  The only spec's I've found so far show a

"Type G-1" while the nameplate on the generator shows it as "Type G".  The "Type G-1"

spec's list 6-1/2V, 9Amperes and 1000 RPM.

So, all of this begs two questions:

1.  are there substantial differences between the Type G the Type G-1?

2.  which brand(s) of automobile(s) specified the use of the Gray & Davis Type G generator?

Super thanks everyone.......I appreciate any assistance offered.


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For those interested, I have found the automobile that used the Gray & Davis Type G generator:  1913-1914 Chalmers, Models 17, 18 and 19.  My unit appears complete, but needing rebuilding.  It turns over by hand (somewhat stiffly, but needs lots of cleaning).  It also needs minor welding repair to one of the four feet.  Offers considered.  Thanks.

Steve Hammatt

Mount Vernon WA USA

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