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1929 Chrysler 75 rebuild engine value???

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If my question is in the wrong forum i apologize.  I purchased a lot of 29 chrysler parts from a lengthy restoration project that was never completed.  I have  29 model 75 engine that had all the machine work completed including boring .030 over.  Crank turned and rebalanced , New babbit on all the main bearings, rods reconditioned and new babbit machined, New .030 pistols and rings, valve seats reground.  Appears to have a new timing chain as well. I completed the rebuild with a new head gasket and replaced any of the questionable head studs.  Used new ARP stud nuts because I didn't have enough of the original.  Valves had been ground so all I needed to do was lap them. Went through the distributor and oil pump starter and generator which all cleaned up and function well. The water pump was from model 65 engine and works well and doesn't leak.  The engine is painted a color that is close to original.  New plugs and wires. The Stromberg model u-2 carb could use a rebuild.  It starts and runs strong with nearly 40 pounds of oil pressure when cold.  I ran it for 1/2 hour today but will need to work on the carb because it needs partial choke to idle smoothly.   Planning on posting a youtube video at some point.


My question is what is a reasonable value for this engine? Not looking to gouge anyone but don't want to give it away either.  


I built Chrysler spitfire 265 earlier this year and had almost $2000.00. Into it. Assuming with all the machine and babbit work it would cost at least that amount for this engine.  I have a ton of 29 chrysler stuff that I will probably sell as well.


Thanks Rob


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I have a 1929 Fargo with a DeSoto 6 cyl K engine.  It would cost a lot to rebuild your engine today so that's a start.  These cars are not high on the collectible car list so demand is limited.  I should be worth $5K but sadly due to the high cost of restoring old cars and lower resale value it might bring $2K    I'ts all about finding the guy who needs a engine but doesn't care that it will not be a numbers matching engine for his car.   I would list it at what you feel you need to feel good about selling it for.  Start  on the high side and take offers.   I will tell you that the Stromberg carb is problematic.   I never got mine to work and replaced it day one, with a Cartier "Zip  Fit "  BB-1     I recently tried to have the Stromberg rebuilt and was told  NO   They said that it is a dangerous carburetor and should not be used.  Thin pot metal subject to warping and leakage which caused fires as it is mounted near the exhaust.  Good luck.

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Your engine will probably sell for less than the cost to rebuild it.

Many would just rebuild the engine they have and pick up a block, crank or what ever they need.

Numbers matching on these early cars are not a big deal unless the car is titled with the engine. number. The body number on the Chryslers are listed for running production changes that  include changes in the engine.

All the Model 75s the engine serial number will start with an "R" in most cases would be considered numbers matching 

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8 hours ago, LDY said:


Do you still have the 1929 Chrysler 75 engine? I am interest in purchasing.

Thank you!


Send a p.m. If you hover over the poster's handle, you will their last visit was 28 March. It could be a while until they see your post.

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Doing a complete rebuild on a DA-6 for my truck. This includes rebuild kit from Egge Machine and block machine work. If I need new Babbit for rods, crankshaft, and camshaft I am looking at a cost of approx $8000 dollars. This pretty well shoots my budget but my truck restoration sure deserves it.

I could never recover this cost but will have a fresh engine in my truck.

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