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53rd Annual Duryea Day (2018)


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The Duryea Day Car Show was today which is presented by Pottstown Region AACA and the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles.

Turnout today was lighter than the normal 600-700 cars. Concerns about potential rain today, and soggy field conditions from yesterday's heavy flooding rains around the area may have kept cars away. While it was cloudy all day it did not rain. The vast majority of the field was very firm.


I thought some here might enjoy the following photos.

2018 Duryea Day_001.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_002.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_003.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_004.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_005.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_006.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_007.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_008.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_009.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_010.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_011.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_012.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_013.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_015.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_016.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_017.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_018.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_019.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_020.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_021.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_022.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_023.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_024.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_025.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_026.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_027.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_029.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_031.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_032.jpg

2018 Duryea Day_033.jpg

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Thank you very much for posting the photos, Charlie.  Very nice.  Some quite unusual or seldom seen marques there.  Always like the variety of vehicles at Duryea Days.


Perfect photo day for you.  Overcast really diminished sun glare and brought out the vehicle detail and colors.




Peter J.

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I had hoped to see you there today but I guess it was not meant to be.You are absolutely right about the quite unusual or seldom seen marques there today.

FYI, the Red Barracuda (2nd to last photo) had some documents on it that said it was ALL ORIGINAL still owned by the original owner. I got a kick out of the original . two tone Met. The owner told me he got tired of people telling him he should "put a big V8 in it". So he did. If you look close there is a Big bottle of V8 under the hood.

Thank goodness for the clouds and breeze. It made the humidity bearable. Speaking of V8s, the trike in the photo has a small block Chevy engine in it as did the red Corvair race car. Lots of original cars there today but the modified ones were interesting to look at as well.



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That is what makes Duryea Days unique.  The creativity of modified co-mingling with the purist'  Last year I had the TR6 in the Foreign Car class of course and right in front of me was a really neat Rat Rod.  The owners creative mind was amazing.  I sat there for quite awhile and the owner was busy all day talking with visitors.  Nice to witness as he was on cloud nine interfacing with visitors.


Again, thank you,


Peter J.

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