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1949 Jeepster- VIN location Model INFO?

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Added a 1949 Jeepster to my collection, and trying to get her titled and registered in California. DMV is seeking “2” areas of VIN verification on the car. I only know of 1- under the dash above the glovebox. Any members familiar with Jeeps/Jeepsters, that can point to another VIN location? Or, a site stating that these only came with one area for identification?

Also, any info on engine ID’s and identifying when the JEEPSTER engine was born- or original to the vehicle? 

See attached pictures.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.. I’ll also post this under TECHNICAL.


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engines create a second vin location, but only if the engine is original to the vehicle.


have never heard of the 2 vins requirement...........


Cali is a very easy state to title in


if you have problems with dmv, the easiest thing to do, is go to AAA and hand them 70. they will do all your paperwork for you and blow it right through.

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The engine number is part of the verification issue as well. Trying to get info verifying that this engine came with this Jeepster. I am not finding info of Jeepster number and production runs to match the numbers and/or VIN number. 

This Jeepster has the 6 cylinder in it. But, isn’t “4-63” supposed to be a 4 cylinder?





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The tag you show on the passenger side inside firewall is the only one that I know of.

My mats and seats are all out so I will look behind the seat riser today and try to give you some results tomorrow about this time of day.

Mine has the bracket looking thing on the hump and I am curious as to what it is for. I will look on that for a number as well.

Your car came with the 4 cylinder so if it were me I wouldn't even try to use any number that you find on the engine if it is a six.

I think that somewhere I have some reference as to what serial numbers were on which engines. I confirmed that the 4 cylinder engine in mine at least is the right year for the car.

It was thought by the seller that it was not original to the car however.

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Well, I looked at the mystery bracket on the hump and found no numbers.

I still am wondering if that bracket has a purpose.

I don't see any numbers behind the seat either.

I didn't do any sanding but did use a strong flash light and no results.

I am afraid many sellers really don't always know if what they have is original or not.

My experience with buying from a state that don't issue titles to be relatively easy here in Oregon as they have a big book that describes each states requirements. But they do need a registration from the no title state.

Oregon DMV accepted the Texas title and verified that the vin tag below the glove box matched the title.

I am a stickler for paper work as Oregon makes it very difficult if there is no good paper work or if it isn't perfect.

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I DO have Connecticut title signed over. Taking all of my paperwork back to AAA Tuesday morning. As for the seller not knowing what he was selling, the VIN is for. 4 cylinder, and the Jeepster has a 6. He SHOULD have known- and I should have had my info prior to buying. No buyers remorse, VERY cool car, but could have negotiated a better deal with ALL the info. 

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