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1932 Plymouth ---All black with tan interior--want to repaint the wheels----planing to use polyurethane-----either gray or cream     was asked by paint shop if I want gloss or flat---------what would look better----------------thanks for your advise

plymouth show.jpg

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Gloss and sunflower yellow (a creamy yellow) as original.  I don’t think gray would look good - just my opinion.  Are you taking the tires off?  If so, be sure to clean the inner rims and make sure they are rust free and as smooth as possible.





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My wheels looked worse than yours - half had been painted black - and the original color had darkened due to weathering and rust.  I had all six wheels sandblasted and then took them to a wire wheel specialist to have the spokes tightened and the wheels trued.













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I have been putting together a color list for Graham-Paige products 1928-1932 including wheel colors.  I was surprised almost all the different models included black as a wheel color choice.  So the black wheels might have been original?


I would go with gloss, easier to clean, less oil staining, and it match's the finish of the car.  I like all the colors but you will never regret a factory/period correct color choice.


I use;  sand blast - zinc chromate primer - build primer - single stage acrylic enamel, mount the tire from the back to avoid scratching the fronts, no regrets. 


I use a powered wheel spinner to avoid runs and drips, I paint mostly from the back side several different angles to cover the spokes, finish with a front coat all while the wheel is spinning and while drying.


Powder coating avoids most of the work, only limitation is colors selection, and that keeps getting better.  Other problem with powder, it is hard to fix pitting issues.


PS have grey wheels om my 1933 Graham... original color, it needs a body off restoration, but for now it is fun.


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