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Trunk lock repair

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In the past I have had kits to replace the missing parts on the trunk lock.    Just before this years BCA meet I ran out and could not find one of the parts.

The attached pictures tell the story......the photo shows the lock out of the car.  There is an electrical switch on the back of the lock that triggers the trunk solenoid.

the sketch shows the parts that fall off.....the cap, the shutter, and 2 springs....both parts are black....and the cap has been discontinued.

I found some parts at a lock company in Virginia and they should be here next week....I looked on Ebay and found one guy that had 2 of the caps for $9.99 plus $12.99 shipping needless

to say I did not buy those parts.

I will not know until I get the invoice what the total will be for what I purchased but I promised several Reatta owners I would let them know when I will have the kit again....

maybe by the end of next week.

Let me know if you are in need of a kit.

This kit does not fix a bad lock or switch that does not work.

trunk lock 1.jpg


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Barney, just FYI. Strattec (F/K/A  Briggs and Stratton - lock division) has been the manufacturer/supplier for these parts for years after GM SPO generally stopped dealing with older design lock and key parts directly. As an aside, there are two versions of the shutter assembly. The correct one has the slot offset slightly to one side.


There is another version that has the slot (and spring loaded slot cover) dead center. This latter design will fit the Reatta trunk lock, but will not allow proper insertion of the key as the slot on the shutter cap doesn't line up to the keyway in the cylinder correctly. Be sure the ones you are getting have the offset slot, or they won't work right once installed. Ask me now I know (heh). 


Further, both versions are available in black finish (correct for the Reatta) and bright stainless (which will also work but is non-stock on a Reatta, of course). I was talking to a locksmith about an unrelated matter a few months back, and he hooked me up with a few extra sets of the correct parts kit in matte black when he saw I was driving a Reatta and  we got to talking about them. 


I am wondering now if these parts are officially discontinued, and we are simply drawing down stock on hand, or if Strattec is still actively making these. The last GM vehicles that used these old 5 pin key systems were made mid 1990's now, when they changed to a ten pin keying system, and are going on 30 years old.Therefore, I'd not be surprised to see support for these parts being withdrawn.

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I started this journey because I purchased a Reatta with those covers missing.   That was 17 years ago.

I went to a local locksmith and they dug around, scratched their heads and could only come up with the stainless version.   They did have another store 15 miles away and told me that store might have the correct parts

(this was before everything was on a computer)  I went to the other store and exchanged the stainless for black and assumed I was done.

Shortly after that, someone called and wanted to know how to fix their trunk lock.   Remembering I had spent about 5 hours getting the correct parts I went back into research mode.

The receipt I got from the locksmith store did not have part numbers.....so I contacted Strattec and they were helpful......597819 is the shutter and 321529 was the cap (both in black) 

Strattec even faxed me a list of distributers around the country.

So I tried one in Texas only to find out they would not sell me parts unless I was a registered/licensed locksmith.     I settled on a place in Ohio and used them for years,  until they could not find the caps (321529 was replaced with 322667 and both are now discontinued)  To get decent pricing I must buy from a source that will give a volume discount,  in normal packaging both parts come in quantities of 10 and the springs are packaged in 100 pieces.  

Recently in desperation I called Strattec tech help and got a lady that told me since both caps were discontinued I was SOL.   You would think there would be a replacement,  but Strattec was of no help.

If the Strattec distributors have a cross reference they don't seem to know how to use it.


I suspect this is the last batch of lock kits for me........some of the parts are coming from Arizona and some from Virginia.   Even with a Texas sales tax permit,  the Arizona shop is charging me sales tax

(their excuse is "the new law") The shipping may be half the cost of the parts........so you can see why there are few people dealing in Reatta parts and why prices continue to climb.

I have repaired/rebuilt a few Reatta antenna this year and the shipping (ground) for an antenna averages $15.....same with headlight repair kits,  when I run out of steel arms/bellcranks I will not have more made.


One final admission...... I have always shared Reatta info and details so other can do their own repairs, I wrote a procedure to repair antenna,  instructions on how to make and repair your headlights and as above

given out information and part numbers.   As BCA technical advisor it seemed only right that I not keep information a secret.....and give the impression that I was hiding anything so I might make a little on the side for beer money.


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It took some time but I finally have a few parts for anyone that need to replace the missing parts on the trunk lock.

I have called Strattec distributors from coast to coast only to find everyone is out of the parts.   My best luck has been the distributors given me leads to other vendors.

Presently I have enough parts for 20 kits.   I don't know if more parts will surface.

If you need this kit,  the present price is $11.00.......that is the cap, shutter, 2 springs, instructions and shipping.


If any of you have gun smith talent,  there may be a way of taking chrome/stainless steel parts and making them black.   They could be painted black but who knows how long that will last.

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I purchased one of the Cap kits from you last summer, thanks. At the time didn't think to test my lock assembly and I just noticed it doesn't trigger the latch solenoid. Apparently, I always use the Key fob or Glove box to open the trunk.  Anyway started troubleshooting and after reading this thread I noticed I'm missing the return spring that goes around the cylinder. Pretty sure I never had it. 20200303_022022.thumb.jpg.f950aaf464d5a68f9eedbd53f97c7329.jpg20200303_022723.thumb.jpg.9e980d2d6faa0cc0d3848a8953a3b128.jpg


Other troubleshooting steps I took.... There is power to the Connector. It has 3 wires going in and only 2 out. Is that right? I believe I read in the shop manual that this is some sort of running change.  So I assume it good. I also cleaned up the lock but so far no go in my test. I tried grounding the lock cylinder to see if that would help but still no joy. Do you (or anybody else) have a Spring possibly another lock cylinder to sell? Any advice would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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Try a local locksmith......I suspect the spring was used on other locks.

I do not have anything that would give the part number.

There is also the chance that the switch is bad. 

Some owners have had issues with the moisture in the switch causing the trunk solenoid to continuously cycle.  

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