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Rock Auto CLEARANCE first gen Riviera parts link

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I got the close out info via email. But to the info I got was linked to cars that I have "registered" with the account I have set up with them.  I tried unsuccessfully to go into their website and find the same parts.  I only was given links to my 1964 Riviera, 1990 Riviera, and my 1994 Roadmaster Estate wagon.  To tell the truth, there wasn't much available for the '64.

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On 9/1/2018 at 7:01 AM, bb1970 said:

Please share the trick to look up only closeout merch. Thanks, Bill



After you select the vehicle you are searching parts for, there is an "rss" link image/link you can click.  In the same area, there is also an html image/link.  Click the html and it should send you to the closeout merch.  I wrote this from memory so forgive me for inaccuracies. 



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