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Magazine Covers easily generated

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Our car club, the  Westerly-Pawcatuck Region of the AACA, just had our annual picnic.

I featured this photo on our webpage. Online software helps me make magazine covers from original photos.


It was a great picnic and our women members enjoyed it just as

well as the men!



Westerly-Pawcatuck 5.jpg

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On ‎8‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 3:11 PM, R W Burgess said:

Looks great. You can also do it with Publisher.

Thanks, Wayne.

I have tried Publisher for creating nice looking emails to send out to 

the members. I made some progress. I need to work on it more. I 

was able to do 2-column stuff and mix text, photos, and graphic


I have not tried it for magazine covers. Is there a storehouse of

templates somewhere? Maybe they come with Publisher?

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4 hours ago, R W Burgess said:


They do indeed, lots of templates. Would be a good seminar in Philly this February. ?

The seminar is a great idea. I make it to the Eastern Fall Meet but not to the

Philly awards meeting. If you decide to make a presentation, possibly in PowerPoint,

it would be great if you could make it available here.


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