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Plymouth gear box ?

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The Hollander 1952 shows the gearbox in the 1933-34 6 cylinder Dodge is the same as the 1932-4 Plymouth (early PC, PD, PE). The case number given is 603728. Your case number is not listed.


If you have a look at the story of Daphne in the Dodge Brother forum, you will see the gearbox in Daphne, a DL Dodge, has the case number you are showing.

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Based on other posts about Sactownog’s 34 (33?) Dodge, this gearbox won’t fit your car.  The unit you have is identical to my 32 DL, a one year only design.  I don’t think it’s for a Plymouth, but I’m not sure.  It has the free wheeling extension on the back.  I think they went with an integrated free wheeling setup in 33.  I know the mounting system will not fit your car.  It also looks like the rubber mount is shot, or even broken, by the way the shift gate lines up in several of your photos.  Contact me if you plan to take this apart, as you can badly damage some valuable parts - ask someone who knows. ?. Even picking it up wrong can damage it if the rubber is bad.

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