Dandy Dave

1940 Olds got my head spinning....

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On ‎8‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 11:31 PM, Frank DuVal said:


Dave, the resistor inside or external to a coil has nothing to do with a radio! It has everything to do with the voltage needed for the coil to work properly in the circuit it is designed for.



What is this in reference to? A resistor does not do this..... 


Vermont boy has a good suggestion. Have you checked coil polarity?


GM double wall exhaust pipes are legendary in the repair field, but there should not be one on this car. I've seen big engine Buicks and Oldsmobiles only do 15 mph!

OK. Point taken. But I do know for a fact that a coil with a resister/built in condenser/ whatever is in there that changes the timing in an older one cylinder Kohler series engine (Like a 1970's K301 series off of the top of my head) enough that they will run like they are retarded and not have any power. The points in these engines are set by the cam and not changeable like a distributor that you can rotate on a typical points and condenser style older automobile. Had one that drove me nuts once. Got rid of the 1970's automobile coil that was cobbed on it and replaced it with a correct new coil and the trouble went away. So, with that said, that is proof that all coils are not made equal. Dandy Dave!    

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