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Need carb manifold for 1932 Buick 8

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Dave, thanks, I spoke with max and he was unable to help but suggested I contact the editor of the Buick club mag. I spoke with him and he'd of someone who had a lot parts. three hours later I got a call from  a James D Hoade who said his father had a mass amount. I told him what I needed and after several calls to me agreed to sell me two plus a starter for $500.00. I sent him the funds through western union and he call two hours later to say they were shipped. called me Sunday morning to say he found two steering wheels and other parts. I agreed at $375,00 but told him I wanted to call the shipping center. he said he'd call me right back and when he didn't I called only to find he's using a stolen phone and has a police record in Vegas and Miami. I'm out 500.00 and no parts. if anyone knows of him I would like some help or at least to warn others. He seemed to know quite a bit about Buicks and this piece.

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I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I have never heard of James Hoade but you should let the editor know so he is not being recommended  to anyone else.


One other place to try is where I bought mine for the 31. They bought a large quantity of parts, mostly Packard, and have sold them here and on ebay. Might be a 32 Buick part in there?


Rick Lyon 518-637-1560.




ps You might try putting a wanted add in the Buick section below, may get other leads if nothing else.

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I have one for a 1932 50-series Buick, no cracks, no welds, nicely reconditioned with new sleeves, but the control lever is missing--you would have to switch your old lever mechanism to this one.

Thanks for telling me about Mr. Hoade. He does not advertise in the Buick Bugle to my knowledge, and I will keep him out of the magazine

Pete Phillips, Editor

The Buick Bugle

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