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Scott E Thomas

1912 IHC Model MA AutoWagon

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I have recently purchased the above truck and am missing the jack shaft.  This is the piece that drives from the chain from the transmission.   I am missing the complete shaft including the bearing holders that mount to frame, differential, brake band, etc.


I have the chains to the wheels and from the transmission.  I have the stabilizing rods to the rear axle, I have the brake rods to emergency brakes. The First picture is what I am missing


Scott Thomas







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Great looking MA.   PM Bill Erskine,  on this web site, He may have an extra chassis.  

I have an MWX.  The long steel shaft from the differential was bowed on my wagon. I had a new one machined. I have the bent one but it is 4 inches longer than the one for the MA. 



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