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2018 Reliability Tour

R W Burgess

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And they are off.......

A photo of Steve and Pamela Heald on their way to the first day of touring in Upstate!


"On our way to Canandaigua with about 100 or so friends!!"


She said later on Facebook that there were 45 cars. WOW! sorry I missed this one. Darn workday job!!




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Cool pictures I stole off of Facebook. I am sure you will recognize Steve and Pamela. Did you guys know that Terry Bond also does seminars on tours. Never a dull moment when Terry is around. Of course we all know Oggy, the famous back seat driver?













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John Kucko Digital


Americana on Wheels: Enjoy 65 seconds of pure nostalgia today through the Finger Lakes Region. The Blue Water Ramble is a five day road rally featuring pre-1916 cars. Participants came from all over America to partake in this journey along the Finger Lakes, Erie Canal and Lake Ontario. The event is put on by the Antique Automobile Club of America, as well as the Horseless Carriage Club of America. I first caught up with these folks in Geneva early this morning, followed them to Newark, then on Brantling Hill Road on their way to Sodus Bay. This was one of the more enjoyable videos I have done in a while. Thank you to Kay Peck for the heads up, as well as Pam Heald for all the logistics help. A fitting experience on this “Throwback Thursday”.Antique Automobile Club of America


A special thank you to John Kucko Digital for this post!



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You miss us crossing the bridge - 

Dale and I were there in the 1915 Hudson SIX-40 Phaeton


Kudos to Bill Preston for laying out 4 of the 5 routes, and for the best written instructions we've ever followed -

Bar None!


The Blue Water Ramble has been an outstanding success, and an example of clubs working together for the benefit of the membership.


Thank yo to Steve Heald for chairing this tour, and to all committee personnel for their diligence.

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What a great week it was.  The roads and scenery were amazing and Marty was right-on with his assessment of the directions.  Susan and I didn't have time to trailer our T up and back so we flew in to Rochester and then hitched rides all week.  We helped navigate some and enjoyed touring in a 1911 Reo, 1914 Buick, 1911 EMF, 1913, 1915 and 1909 Ford Ts.  The Reliability Tour is always high on our must-do list and this one was the best we've ever been on.  I can't fail to mention the food- simply awesome and plenty of it too!   Steve,  Pam, and their team did a great job and we're ready for more anytime, in fact we've got so many spots marked on the map we plan to come back again just to visit, do some sight-seeing, antique hunting and yes, we'll probably eat too much again!

Thanks to everyone who had any part of making this such a successful fun week.





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I just posted an article about this tour on the HCCA website.  You may be interested. I double-posted a picture and have asked the webmaster to remove it since that's above my skill level or pay grade; he may have done so, or not, when you open the link. 

https://hcca.org/BOARDS/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1122&sid=44fc08aefcafc187f2c1a34e644 4d623#preview%23preview%23preview%23preview

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