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I just wanted to say HI everyone.  I am new to the group.  I have a 1990 16V TC which I have had since 2006.  My car had a sticker on the window with membership number 0959 and I did not realize this club was still going.

I love my car, and love driving it.  Of course with being Canadian I only get to drive it during our summer months.  I have 66,000 miles on my car and it is in amazing condition!

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Are you anywhere near Hamilton Ont?

I too have a 1990 16 valve TC (red and ginger) Can't imagine that there are many 16 valves in Canada. Mine has 35000 miles on the odometer, but I have not had it as long as you have yours. I have however been a member of TC America

for several years. It is a great source of info and advice for TC owners. Welcome to the club.

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