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1948 Chrysler Royal Limousine

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I have considered making a driveline with a center carrier, but this wheelbase originally had only a one piece drive line.

Thanks for the thoughts on this. It has been driving me crazy.

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You can see that weight in this photo as well.

You can also see that there is room for the driveline to move in and out of the tranny.

I have never run into this problem before.

I am guessing around twenty or more builds.



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One of the times I had the tranny out I had my guy install a new bushing and seal.

I don't think he checked the output shaft, I probably should have asked.

There is minimal movement of the yoke.

When I get it back on the lift I plan on putting a dial indicator to the yoke. and Ultimately the shaft.

This is an OD tranny, I have a close ratio trans that I may try just to see if it affects the vibration. If its still there I will have replaced everything behind the clutch.

And I know that this problem has to be behind the transmission as it vibrates with the clutch in and coasting with the engine idling. I even shut it off once.

I can make it do different things by playing with the accelerator. Kinda gets worse if there is less load.

If it does it with a different transmission I will just about have to have another driveline made up.

Thanks for all the input here,

I guess when I put something like this up on here I am hoping that I will get some magic ideas that hadn't occurred to me.

As I said, this thing is making me crazy. That's why I parked it for awhile.


PS: When I put an ad on Portland C/L a few years ago that I wanted an OD tranny and I would swap a close ratio trans a guy responded and we made the trade.

He knew how to ID what year and such my trans was and what his was from the top of his head.

This OD transmission was clean and had all new seals and gaskets as did my close ratio. I suspect that mine may have had a bit more value but I like the overdrives. (and I did use the correct bellhousing for the larger bearing retainer).

The guy I swapped with had some pretty nice cars and a nice shop and a beautiful home in a classy neighborhood. He had some rigs that I would love to own. I read him as an up front guy and was comfortable with the deal.

If I find that there is a problem in the transmission I don't think he knew about it.

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Ok, first let me apologize that some how we got to talking about my New Yorker on someone else's thread.

Yesterday I got the car on the lift and was looking it over scratching my head.

I put a dial indicator on the part of the yoke the can be seen and it is perfect, like less than .001. So no bent out put of the tranny.

I got to thinking what would happen ii I were to swap ends and put the weight on the rear instead of the front.

Took the DL out and took the yoke off.

Turns out that the U-joint loops on the DL and the clearance in the yoke didn't allow for very much angle and were bumping each other.

I guess when they check for balance they rig it up dead straight and don't allow for engine angle.

A bit of grinding and put the yoke back the way it was and 95% of the vibration is gone.

I will now put the angle back into the pinion and will be good to go.

This was a hidden problem, couldn't see it without removing the yoke from the driveline. It was simply a mismatch of driveline and yoke.

Ahh the maladies of these home built cars....

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