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40's or 50's Sears radio for restoration

Leif in Calif

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I removed this radio from my 1951 Simca. It seems to be a model Sears sold in the 40's and early 50's...it has a small head unit with mechanical cables that connect to a big speaker cabinet which actually houses the radio. I'd tried to damage it as little as possible getting it out but the car sat outside for a long time so condition is pretty rough, but I think a radio person could easily bring it back. I don't know which connection is which so I haven't attempted to see if it plays, but my car is 12 volts. The last picture is one in much better condition than mine, just for reference.  Free to a good home but probably expensive to ship since it's heavy and fragile! I'm located in Petaluma CA 94952  

Radio 3.JPG

Radio 1.JPG

Sears Roebuck control head universal 1941.jpg

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That's from the 1930s when they used mechanical cables from the control head to the radio chassis usually mounted on the inside firewall.  Sears and others in the day made thee universal radios to fit any car as most cars of that day didn't have radios.  They were considered a luxury and expensive for the time.  They certainly can be restored to operate, but remember they're 6 volt units, and Ford products of that time had a positive ground so you have to be careful installing it in any vehicle.  Just my thoughts!

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