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1913 Abbott Detroit Speedster Valuation

Deborah Leas

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Hello Deborah,  Pictures would help to understand how the car was built and current condition.  Information as to the use of original Abbott-Detroit parts would also be good.  Other things to consider are how old the restoration/modification is.


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Here is another thread from a few years ago, likely the same car:  http://forums.aaca.org/topic/202233-1913-abbott-detroit-speedster/


I had to look up some info on Abbott-Detroit, found these sites:

American Automobiles:  http://www.american-automobiles.com/Abbott-Detroit.html

Another site that has several pictures of Abbott-Detroits in a Speedster configuration, maybe one of these might be the car being asked about??  https://myntransportblog.wordpress.com/tag/abbott-detroit/?iframe=true&preview=true/feed/

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