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Wheel set ,Gas Tank and Door Set still for sale


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Still For Sale: A set of 4 wheels, size 15 x 6.00, part number 1346203. From old parts car, in excellent condition, in dry storage for many years. recently cleaned by me and sprayed flat black. Can deliver to Hershey! Asking $80 for the set obo. Fits the following model Buicks:

1941 - 44,44c, 44s, 47

1942 - 44, 44c, 47, 48, 48s, 49

1942 - 60 & 70

1946 - 47 & 70

1948 - 49, 50, 70

1950 thru 1952 - all

1953 - all except 76x

1954 - 40, 50, 60, 70

Maybe more applications that are not listed in my part book that goes to 1954.

Also, still have a gas tank for sale (but talks are in progress with someone), filler neck still attached. Models applicable are: 1950 - all, and 1951 & 1952 models 50 and 70 series only. Part number for tank is 1343340, in excellent condition from old parts car, kept in dry storage for many years. Asking $50 obo.

Also have a complete set of 4 doors, complete, not just skin. Applications are as follows as best as I can read the parts books:

(front - #4183811 right, #4183812 left - both without power windows)

1950 - 52 - 72

1951 thru 1953 - 52 - 72R

(rear - #4183748 right, #4183749 left - both without power windows)

1950 - 52 - 72

1951 thru 1953 - 52 - 72R

Can not deliver to Hershey (no truck) buyer must make arrangements for pick-up and delivery. Can send photo's if requested, would take a day or two to uncover from dry storage. Again, doors are complete with glass, handles, trim, interior panest, ect. Will sell only as set. Asking $1200 for the set obo.

Please feel free to email questions. Will be going to Hershey on the 7th.


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Can you ship the gas tank to South Dakota? I need one for my 52 Super (Model 56C) and according to your post it should fit. I think UPS ships gas tank size boxes since I bought one for another car from Tanks Inc in MN and they shipped it UPS. Do you have the straps too? My e-mails are gkb@rushmore.com and/or gbuck@taz.sdsmt.edu. Either one should get to me. Please let me know because I am interested.


Greg Buck

Rapid City, SD

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