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August in Michigan (pics from huge Lincoln Meet)

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Great photos, I really wish my Lincoln and I could have made it (though mine pales in comparison to the beauties I see photographed above.)   Hopefully my Lincoln and I will be ready for the 60th (or maybe 75th.)

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Great pictures Jeff.  We left Sunday morning at  4:30 AM  to catch the car ferry and save 5hours of driving. It was a VERY cold and VERY foggy drive to Ludington.

 Thanks for the pictures; I'm still learning to use my tablet to take pictures and so far have had poor results. The V-12 performed flawlessly over the 1100+mile trip.

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Great!!   look at the video on facebook lzoc, you are pulling in, but others stopped moving and I stopped filming--

I was a little concerned about midnight and parking lot, my associates took me to the brewery district while I drove (zephyr) 

with some of that yummy Bells home brews---I walked the parking lot for a bit--

Did you see the old Badger Boat at the dock in Luddington??   It used to haul train

cars they say quite an imposing sight, Nice to see you, 





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I always enjoy your posts.  This one has got to be up there with the best.  I really appreciate you sharing all of these pictures.  


I hope to make it to Hickory Corners next year-even if I have to play hooky to get there!  My 38 might not be ready for such a long haul but I will try to make the journey.  Its getting the time off of work that's tricky.


Thanks again for the great pictures.

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