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I just bought a L-37 touring 4dr. I bought the shop manual. When I bought the car the previous owner started taking items apart, why I dont know. Ex. took all the brake parts off the wheels and I just have it in piles. I know it will get all new parts and lines. What book should I buy that gives detailed discription and pictures to assemble. I just finished a body off restoration on my 63 Grand Prix and  63 Bonneville. so I am not new to doing this work.  Another example he took the bolt out of the  front of the crank, again why I dont know. I have the bolt but I think there should be a washer with it that goes on, but I cannot find info on that or the washer. Right now I am taking all the front sheet metal off so  I can  easily get to the motor  and see if it turns and put pieces back together and start from there. Thanks for your reply. 

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I would get both a parts and shop manual.  If you can find a parts manual very close to the year your car was made that is best,  as the illustrations are usually A typical and based mostly on the newest model the book covers, unless there is a drastic change the year later,  then they may have both.  

The illustrations in the parts manual usually give you alot of exploded views with arrows pointing to all the separate parts so you can see they are individual parts and not an assembly not meant to be taken apart. 

You may want to find originals as well unless The reprints are alot better as some used to be grainy with bad pictures. 

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