1951 Ford F2, Flathead V8, 4-Speed

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This 51 was parked in a barn in 1979 after failing the IL DOT Inspection on 5/10/79.  After sitting for 36 years the owners delivered it to a restoration shop in Indiana where it would sit for another two years waiting on funding for the restoration.  I purchased the truck just over a year ago because it is an absolute time capsule—completely original 1951 Ford F2, Flathead V8, 4-Speed—that I couldn’t stand to see sitting for another decade.  With two other restorations in front of it I’m seriously considering letting it go to someone who may have the time to get her back up and running again.

I haven’t attempted to turn the motor and wouldn’t until all the fluids and filters have been changed and the cylinders inspected.  I have a good bore camera if you’d like to pull plugs and inspect.  Unless there’s corrosion in the cylinders she’ll most likely run again without extensive repairs but again, I strongly recommend taking some time to inspect and lubricate first.  Attached are several pictures to include the inspection report; some of the print has faded away over the last four decades but it’s in great shape otherwise.  Asking $7,500. o.b.o.


1951 Ford F2


VIN: F2R1CH29868

  • F2 = Truck Series [F2 Conventional]

  • R = Ford Truck Engines [8 cylinder-238 cu. in.]

  • 1 = Year [1951]

  • CH = Plant [Chicago]

  • 29868 = Sequence [Number 28,868 built]



  • Displacement (Cubic Inches) = 239

  • Bore & Stroke (Inches) = 3.1875 x 3.750

  • Compression Ratio = 6.80:1

  • Head Bolts = 24

  • Fuel Delivery = Ford-Holley two barrel carburetor

  • Color = Bronze

  • Maximum Brake HP = 100











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Where is the truck located and would you consider a trade for a nice MGB? 74 chrome bumper. Thanks.

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Tampa Florida; perhaps--I haven't really given trade much thought but I guess I probably would for the right vehicle.  Do you have any picts or a URL to them?


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Hi, I don't have any picture but I can try to get some. I live on the east coast of Florida in Pt. St. John.easy to find ,right off of I-95,about two hrs.from Tampa if you'd like to come see it sometime. I bought it about two years ago in Mt. Dora, Fl. It runs great! White with great black interior,good vinyl top with full tonneau cover,chrome bumpers,four speed non overdrive but a guy I use to work with has a good o.d.transmission that he'd sell me for $750. I love driving it but my wife says it's too hard for her to get in and out of. I'm retired now so I'm home most of the time.The truck would give me something to work on(when it's cooler of course). My phone # is 321 514-6904cell 321 877-2497 home. Greg. Thanks.

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Having second thoughts, it is a nice truck though but If like it better if it was an F-1. It would fit in my garage easier. Greg.

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Wow.  Get the mechanics right, fix the seat and drive it.  What a great old truck.  

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