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Quarter window rubber and its scrapper

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The window scrappers on both quarter windows are dried and cracked and the passenger side window has rubber/metal part that goes vertical on the front side of the window that comes in contact with the front window has the rubber and metal all screwed up.

Both the red and blue service manuals are the same as far as the information I was able to find in the area of repairing these items.  Starting on page 8S-3 it talks about the quarter window assembly and then refers you to Group 23 and I cannot find anything there on repair work of the quarter window.  I have all the parts needed for the repair work.

Is there anywhere else in the manual I should be looking to find the information I will need.  Actually, I may not do the work but may have my shop do the work, but I would like to be able to point them to a location where they can get direction.

This question might be related to some of the work that needs to be done above but how do you remove the parts at both ends of the Tonneau Cover that the seat belt goes thru?  As per the parts sheets this part is just called “Cover Panel”.

Thanks to all

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To get the seat belt cover panels off you have to remove the interior panel. To do that you have to take the door sill and B-pillar door threshold trim off.




Remove 1st 2 rear screws of the door sill.

Remove the door striker and the door threshold trim

Remove the 10mm nuts for the interior trim

Remove the upper 10mm nuts for the interior trim

Disconnect the switches (driver's side only)

Remove the interior trim


Now you have access to the fasteners that hold this "cover panel" on. They are either 6mm or 8mm if I remember right. Two of them are easy to see, the third one is vertical near the front of the panel. You have to use a deep well socket or a ratchet wrench. If you don't want the panel just hanging, if you look at the bottom of the stainless trim that the seat belt goes through, there's a little "clip". If you remove that clip, or slide it a slot is revealed that allows the belt to slip through so you can remove the panel without unbolting the belt.


I hope that helps.

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4534162  Right outer window belt w/strip

4534163  Left outer window belt w/strip






have all of the above NOS except for the retainers which are used



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