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Greg Burow

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I’m looking for a Motorette. My girlfriends great grandfather was the inventor of the unique vehicles back in the 40’s. They were not manufactured long. I believe they stopped building them in the 50’s.  Her and her family have been searching all over for one of these vehicles and keep coming back empty. I’d do anything to get my hands on one.  It could be in bad condition.  Please let me know if anyone has one they want to get rid of or know of someone who does. Thank you!!



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another one....................



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1946 Motorette model 20 billed as the only three wheeled car right after WWll. Unrestored, very nice original condition complete with owner's manual and title. Two person vehicle manufactured by The Motorette Corp. Buffalo, N.Y.. Wisconsin engine, electric start with automatic clutch. Last run 18 years ago. Up to 35 MPH and 60 MPG of gas. Dimensions are 90 inch length x 45 inch width with a 60 inch wheel base and weighs 380 lbs. Has been kept inside, with no rust or damage to body. Located Indianapolis, IN. for $3500. More interest, please telephone. 317-846-4605. No answer leave message. Thank you. John










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