Basket 29 REO Flying Cloud

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My wife says I've had my car too long and I'm getting too old to work on it and I have to agree. I've have a 1929 REO Flying Cloud that is a basket case plus a 1930 REO Flying Cloud parts car. There are enough parts to complete at least one car or both. Over a 41 year period of time, I have managed to accumulate the missing parts I needed. The engine was rebuilt and never put back in the car. Two transmissions condition unknown, steering wheel, and steering boxes, bumper, seats, fenders some dents, hoods and extra pieces, trim pieces for the doors and windows, radiators, windshields, rebuilt Shebler S-3 carburetor, rebuilt master cylinder. Both bodies are all steel by Briggs. I prefer to sell both cars as a package for $10,000.00. If someone is looking to build a rat rod I'd be willing to sell one car and keep the parts not needed for a build for less money, price negotiable. If I have to I can piece the parts out. I can take pictures upon request. You can contact me any time,

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Hey Ronabi, I have been look for parts for about a year an a half. I have 2 Reo Flying clouds 1930 same model sedan, same in most if not all ways. My father and I bond over restoring them both together as father and son, but I have not been able to find any parts for mine. His is fully restored and I found mine as a barn find. Needing restoration. 

I have searched far and wide and found your post just this morning. 

I was wondering if I could buy parts from you to restore my sedan and be able to make sure it survives for another 88 years to come. 

I hope that I won’t have to look any further and that you have the parts I need or at the very least are able to point me in the direction of NOS that I can use to make and keep it the car it was the day it was made. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my message and have a good day.


Side note: I just noticed your email at the end of your letter. I will send this to your email as well to ensure you receive it. 




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