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brake adjustment 36 zephyr help

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hi its ady again with the brake problem

i have misplaced the club magazine with the article about how to adjust

early cable brakes 

can anybody please email the info to me

on adyv12zephyr@hotmail.co.uk

as i have a new brake man on the job 

this will the 4th time i had the brakes relined

he wants to see the info as it says 2 types of linnings 

he has a prewar type linning 320

hope someone can help

thanks ady



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 adyv8  if you search for brake adjustment on a 36 Ford. There is tons of information to explain the procedure. I bet your car will be the same. If you have nos brakelining, that’s what I would use, much better braking.



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thanks for the reply

the brakes on the early 36 are strange to say the least 

nothing like a early ford (i had a 35 v8)

one shoe should be of different type of  lining to the other 

and the adjustment is strange also

with only one shoe having a snail adjuster

as i have said lost the correct instructions that came in a previous club magazine

so if you kept mags please can you search for the brake one ....

and email it to me


the chap i am in contact with has never done lincoln brakes 

and is keen to see how the brakes should be adjusted e.t.c

when i said pre war lining

it is a type  0f prewar used on rolls royce and e.t.c.

thanks again for you help


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Ady,     Any luck yet in getting together the info you need for the brake work to be done on your car?  Let me here on the "Forum" . If  not,

            I can scan what I have for early  LZ mechanical  brakes and send it to you--- Larry




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