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Met this guy yesterday at the Vista Rod run, you can see the owner behind the car. very nice guy with TONS of information about the 30's Plymouth/Dodge vehicles. If you know him, tag him to see the pictures. 





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4 hours ago, Scott Bonesteel said:

OK, I plead guilty, 'twas me and my wife.  We try to go every year and support the local merchants and charities.  Took our 34 PE sedan as usual, hoping by next year to have our 34 PE convertible running and up there.

Scott it was great meeting you, sorry if I was a bit off on Sunday. I was HIGHLY hung over and barely made it to the show. But it was great to meet you, your car is awesome and your knowledge is for sure something I enjoyed trying to retain. Hope to see you at more shows where I promise to be more alive than I was Sunday.  

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